How do candidates source job opportunities

How do candidates source job opportunities
Results from a survey about the methods candidates use to source and apply for new opportunities.
Recruiters are the most popular first port of call for job seekers, followed by job board, websites and LinkedIn networks. Least popular are company websites and social media channels (excluding LinkedIn).
These results give an insight into the changing attitude of job seekers. Loyalty to employer brands has become less common; instead of deciding the company they want to work for and looking for jobs within that company, candidates are turning to recruiters to access as many relevant opportunities as possible.

Job boards provide a variety of opportunities at the click of a button, but many candidates find their effectiveness questionable. Although they generate a large volume of applications, there is no way of qualifying candidates before they apply for a role and many are not relevant enough to be taken further. This can be frustrating for candidates and many are quickly losing faith in the job board process.

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