Admino Fernandes

I would like to take this opportunity on a very personal note, in thanking you and the team who worked with me over here at the Shendish Manor Hotel.

Thank you for all your incredible support and a very professional and kind approach to every request that came to you. You have continuously put my business and staff requests to the front and have dealt with them to the best of your ability. When staff let you down you went the extra mile to find a replacement which was fantastic and you have done that mostly during out of work hours and that is a Hats off Service.

That is definitely great commitment and testimony to your professional and empathizing nature.

I know how difficult it can be to call up someone at the very last minute with no notice, and still look into the strengths of each candidate for the correct role. This attribute brings to mind the phrase “Right Person for the Right Job”. The friendliness in you as a person was very much needed and appreciated when the business went through a difficult trading period, I could not have asked for more.

If this is the quality of service that you deliver, with no second thoughts I would surely recommend to my future employers or anyone who struggles in filling staff requirements. 

You have some incredible people working for you, so please convey my appreciation to them in person, for I think they have worked really well under my stress, pressure and guidance. I know I can be a very demanding person to work for!

I wish you all the good luck and the company every good fortune.